8 Best Octane Boosters: Reviews & Ultimate Buying Guide For 2021

Maintaining your car at its best running condition is a delicate process. Not only will it consume your time and effort but it will also end up being very costly. Thankfully, you can find some products on the market that will help circumvent this, giving you more mileage for fewer resources and saving your car’s expenses.

best octane boosters

Can you improve the performance of your vehicle and get better mileage?

A prime example of such products is octane boosters. Simply put, an octane booster will boost the octane number of your fuel. This results in much better mileage than you would normally be able to achieve.

An octane booster ends up being a good solution then if you want to boost the performance and fuel efficiency of your vehicle while keeping costs down. But it’s important to remember that not all octane boosters will give you the same the results. Some octane boosters will end up performing better than others.

Choosing an octane booster isn’t an easy task.  It involves having to look through the various octane boosters available on the market and finding the one that fits your needs.

Our favorite is the Torco High Octane Accelerator because it has the perfect combination of price and performance, making it a great choice for most vehicles (please check it is compatible with yours before using it!).

The other boosters also excel in so many areas, so finding your perfect one will depend on your specific needs. Read on and we will tell you why these 8 octane boosters stand out from the crowd.

8 Best Octane Booster Fuel Additives for the money

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Click the ‘More Details’ buttons above for detailed specifications for each product, or read our reviews of each of the top 8 octane boosters available in 2021.

If you are wondering “do octane boosters work?” Take a look at the below reviews, as the answer is Yes they do and some of them quite dramatically.

1. Torco High Octane Accelerator – Best Fuel Additive4.5 Amazon rating

Torco F500010T Unleaded Fuel Accelerator

The Torco Octane Booster is packed with helpful octane that can boost your vehicle performance. Octane is one of the crucial and primary ingredients of gasoline. It makes up for a large portion of gasoline that you fill up with and you can even add octane boosters to increase the octane content of your fuel. Octane is a highly volatile and flammable substance and in addition to providing the necessary qualities of fuel, it also helps protect your engine.  You will find best value if you buy this in a case of 6 x 32 Oz bottles on Amazon.

Torco Octane Booster is one of the best high quality octane boosters that you can find on the market. It works twofold by optimizing the fuel injection system as well as provided a more streamlined fuel burn. It does this by ensuring that the engine of your car achieves a complete fuel burn. Torco optimizes your engine performance making your car run at 100 octane levels. This saves you from the need of refueling with expensive and hard to find race fuel.

The Torco Octane Booster significantly maximizes your engine’s performance and efficiency. This in turn helps it run smoother and reduces any engine pings and knocks. In addition to that, Torco promises to deliver performance gains by  giving your engine a full burn. Many products and manufactures make similar promises but very few actually deliver on them like Torco does.

Unleaded and Diesel, quick over view of how it is used in the racing industry

Torco has built itself up as reliable brand that delivers on its word. The company’s reputation for being a trustworthy brand can be seen in their reception. The Torco Octane Booster has received favorable reviews gaining a rating of 4.4 out of 5. This rating alone makes it one of the best octane boosters of 2017.

If you’ve used Torco’s race fuels in the past, you know the company’s reliability and assurance of quality. Their commitment to pushing performance to the limit shows they don’t just cater to race cars exclusively and want every car to achieve its peak performance.

Using this octane booster has proven to raise octane levels to 100 or even past it to 105. This is more than any other brand can offer. By achieving such high levels of octane purity, your vehicle will run more efficiently. This will almost certainly result in better fuel efficiency and added horsepower.

More DetailsThe Torco Octane Booster gives you with the freedom and versatility to mix and blend it based on your preferences. You can tweak the blend to specifically suit your car’s needs. This gives your free reign over how you can get the best results. In terms of safety, the octane boost does not damage any type of catalytic converters or oxygen sensors.

Why Should You Choose Torco Accelerator 32oz

  • It delivers on its performance providing efficient performance. This is backed by countless reviews that showcase the high level of octane performance.
  • It is one of the best octane boosters available on the market.

Precautions when using this product

  • Avoid direct sunlight when using or storing the product. It is very sensitive to light and direct sunlight could end up damaging it.
  • Be careful when using and handling the product as the fumes produced in open air can cause severe symptoms like skin irritation and breathing problems.


  • Can be combined with other additives to create custom blend to fit your engine
  • Works with lots of engines
  • Superb octane increase and MPG efficiency


  • VERY sensitive to light, be careful how you store it
  • Warning – fumes can cause skin irritation

2. Klotz Octane Booster – Best for Convenience4.5 Amazon rating

Klotz Octane BoosterKlotz is a company that has had a long standing reputation of making all kinds of high end products. The company has been operating for about 75 years which has earned them with years of experience and trust. So it should be no surprise that their flagship octane boost lives up to their level of quality standards.

The Klotz Octane Boost works well for low level vehicle torque which improves acceleration and power. This will help you achieve immense performance gains for your car. Klotz works by lowering the number of detonations in your fuel injection system especially for low level fuel sources like 87 octane fuel. This in turn helps out with the compression performance and helps get better octane performance overall.

What all of this boils down to is more performance gains and increase in the efficiency of your engine. This also helps effect the longevity of your car’s fuel injection system. Not only are you getting more power and acceleration from your car but you’re also getting more mileage out of your engine.

Klotz is formulated from tetraethyl concentrate which is an alternative substitute to the common lead formulation. This formulation helps decrease pre-ignition that is usually the case of low octane fuel. Klotz Octane Booster gets great results and will boost octane ratings by about 100 points or 10+ octane numbers.

This octane boost achieves its performance gains by tweaking the combustion rate of the fuel. During this combustion it will ensure that the oxygenated gasoline remains stable. Despite being incompatible with alcohol, this octane boost can lubricate your upper cylinder.

The great thing about the Klotz Octane Booster is that it comes in a specialized 1 gallon can instead of smaller bottles or cans. In terms of compatibility, you can use this octane boost with all kinds of different fuel sources like oils, lubricants, petroleum oil, synthetic lubricants, and gas. It works great with these fuel sources thanks to its 100% unpolluted synthetic formulation. When it burns, it produces a fragrant smell and doesn’t produce any bad smells like other octane boosts.

More DetailsAll in all, the Klotz Octane Booster is a great product that will not only help increase your octane level and vehicle performance but will also help your car run smoother. It helps remove the knocks in your engine and helps lubricate the entire upper cylinder. All user reviews online add up to 4.8 stars out of 5 and it’s not hard to see why.

Why should you use the Klotz Octane Booster?

  • It provides great use in ethanol utilizing vehicles like cars and pickups.
  • It helps with the lubrication of the upper cylinder. This greatly helps increase the longevity of a vehicle.
  • It is also ideal for use in most outdoor equipments such as gas powered lawn mowers.


  • Great price
  • Works with most cars and lawn mowers!
  • Works in both ethanol and gasoline fuels


  • Ratios can be a bit tricky to get right
  • Better on smaller engines so not perfect for everyone

3. Lucas 10026 – Best Engine Cleaner4.5 Amazon rating

Lucas LUC10026, 15 oz

Lucas Octane Boost provides unparalleled performance gains with up to 3 times as much octane boost as other major brands. It’s perfectly safe and suitable for just about any vehicle whether it has carburetor engines, fuel injected engines, turbo engines, oxygen sensors, or even catalytic converters. In addition to cars, it also works fine for motorcycles.

The Lucas Octane Boost gives a clean fuel burn which keeps emissions down and dramatically improves your mileage. A standard 15 ounce bottle of Lucas boost is enough to treat 25 gallons of gasoline.

You can increase 93 octane fuel to 98.4 if you use a 50:1 ratio. Or in other words, all you need is 2.56 ounces of the Lucas booster per gallon of gasoline.

Lucas Octane Boost is competitively priced under $13 when this was published making it an easy choice as one of the best octane boosters.

More DetailsThis octane boosts cleans your engine from the inside removing any knocks. This ends up improving your performance while cutting on maintenance and operating costs.

If you intend using Lucas 10026 often, you will want to buy in bulk, which you can on Amazon and save 50%, or $40,  if you buy 12 cans.  Makes sense.


  • Great price
  • Works with most personal vehicles
  • Protects the catalytic converters, oxygen sensor and turbo
  • Eco-friendly with fast clean burn


  • The MMT creates a reddish mark produced during combustion
  • Not the best MPG increases
  • Gasoline engines only

4. 104+ 10406 – Best Value4 Amazon rating

104+ 10406 Octane Boost

In today’s age of free information and consumer awareness, it’s much harder for a brand to pull the wool over its customers’ eyes.  This is why many companies opt for actual results when competing in the same market space.

104+ is one of the few brands that have been reliable and fully disclosed since the very beginning. The company has been around since 1975 and promises a high level of quality with its products.

This level of advertised quality isn’t just anecdotal. Several tests have shown that the 104+ Octane Boost gives a boost of about 9 points or 1 octane number. If you’re looking something more, the 104+ Maximum Octane Boost provides twice as much boost as its standard variant.

But if your goal isn’t to simply get the most octane boost, there are additional benefits that the 104+ Octane Boost can give you. In addition to providing significant performance gains, the octane boost will also give you better gas mileage and clean the fuel injectors.  104+ will also help alleviate any sluggish behavior that you might experience when merging freeways or stopping at traffic lights.

More DetailsWhile its advertised for use on off road vehicles only, this is because 104+ can’t advertise it for on road use without registering with the EPA. Rest assured, this octane boost is perfectly street legal.


  • Drive until the gas tank is nearly empty.
  • Add the octane boost to the gas tank.
  • Refill your gas tank with roughly 18 gallons of gas.
  • Repeat the process every refuel.

The 104+ Octane Boost is available for roughly $10 on most online retail store. While it isn’t an award winning product, it does offer the features of other major brands at half the price.


  • Good price, nice and affordable
  • Does not harm the spark plugs, oxygen sensor and catalytic convertor
  • Definite MPG improvements
  • Excellent improvement to power


  • Works best with off-road vehicles
  • Gasoline engines only

5. Royal Purple 11757 Max-Boost – Best for Performance Engines4 Amazon rating

Royal Purple ROY11757 MAX BOOST

The Royal Purple Max Boost Octane Booster is an octane boost that can boost your octane levels resulting better engine performance and fuel mileage all around. Not only that, but it will also help your engine remain environmentally friendly by reducing harmful emissions.

In terms of raw performance, the Royal Purple can boost your octane levels by a figure of 3 or 30 points. On top of that, it can also help stabilize your engine by reducing engine knocking and knock retardation. Additionally, it will also help clean your engine by removing deposits from the fuel injectors.

The Royal Purple Max Boost is very versatile. It’s designed for a variety of different engines such as port fuel injection, nitrous injected engines, carburetors, direct injection, supercharged engines, and turbo charged engines.

More DetailsIt will even work perfectly well for a variety of different fuel sources like leaded and unleaded gasoline, ethanol, gasohol, and reformulated gas.

Please note – Like other fuel additives in this list, this product is not road legal and is designed for racing use only.  Just something to keep in mind!


  • Add the octane boost to the gas tank when the tank is nearly empty.
  • 1 can of boost for 25 gallons of gas.
  • Use the additive every time you fill up the tank and enjoy!


  • Works with most fuels
  • Works with most engines
  • Engine protected against phosphorus poisoning
  • Decent power improvements
  • Good value for money
  • Minimises rattling making the engine quieter


  • Not a very good designed bottle, does not fit in gas tank easily
  • Uses MMT

6. NOS Racing Formula – Best No Nonsense Boost4 Amazon rating

NOS 12010 Racing Formula

A common theme with octane boost manufacturers is keeping their products actual results hidden while advertising with very obscure wording. Thankfully, NOS Octane Booster is one product that doesn’t follow this kind of marketing trend.

The NOS Octane Boost Racing Formula’s testing and approval methods ensure the utmost accuracy. This octane boost will raise your octane number by 3.1 or 31 points. What this means is that 92 octane fuel can effectively be tweaked to perform like 95.1 octane fuel.

What’s more, if you use the octane boost in a concentration of 60:1, you can further increase the octane number by 4.6 or 46 points. All of the results are backed up and validated by conclusive independent testing.

The NOS Octane Boost Racing Formula is made up primarily from MMT (Methylcyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl) which helps it boost the octane number of the fuel. Along with this you will also find other ingredients thrown into the mix like Powertane, Nitro Methane, and various lubricants. While the MMT provides the raw performance, these other ingredients provide beneficial effects such lubrication and added protection to oxygen sensors and catalytic converters.

The unique formulation of the NOS Octane Booster makes it perfect for off road use. This is one of the few octane boosters suitable for race cars. It will provide you with the performance of race fuel without the hefty price tag.

More DetailsHowever, this doesn’t mean that the NOS Octane Boost is only designed for racing. You can use this octane boost even if you just want to improve your performance, reduce engine knocking, decrease carbon emissions, and increase fuel efficiency.


  • Fill up your tank with a minimum of 16 gallons of fuel.
  • Add an entire bottle of NOS Octane Booster
  • Blast off!


  • Proven perfomance improvements
  • Proven MPG improvements
  • Good for road vehicles
  • Reduces engine knocking


  • Not the easiest to get hold of
  • Can be a bit pricey if you are not racing or have a performance car

7. Gumout 5100223.5 Amazon rating

Gumout 510022

The Gumout Octane Booster promises to deliver improved performance at 3 times the boost than other major brand offerings. This is backed by the company’s test results which give off 8 points or 0.8 octane number increase in performance. This means that 92 octane gasoline will behave like 93.8 AKI. This isn’t enough to start seeing major performance gains but will reduce pinging and engine knocking.

What’s more, the Gumout Octane Booster is available at a very affordable price point. You can buy it for around $7 and it is available in every major retail and online store.  Gumout does not specify itself as an off road octane booster which could mean that it does not contain the EPA regulated ingredient, MMT.


  • Add entire bottle to a gas tank that is almost empty.
  • Refill the tank with roughly 15 gallons of gasoline.
  • Use it every time you fill up again.

More DetailsGumout is perfect for anyone looking for a decent performance bump with minimal cost. It has received generally positive reviews online and is perfect for gaining a small boost without having to spend extra on premium fuel.


  • Protects the oxygen sensor
  • Good for both turbocharged and supercharged engines
  • Does not invalidate the manufacturer’s (engine) warranty


  • Very small MPG improvements
  • Orange dust is left on the spark plugs

8. Motor Medic by Gunk M51123.5 Amazon rating

Niteo Motor Medic M5112

True to its name, the Motor Medic is not only good at giving you better performance gains but also helps service your vehicle by cleaning the combustion chamber and fuel system.  As a result, you can expect fewer pings and knocks in your engine as well as reduced hesitation.

The Motor Medic is very easy to use. All you have to do is add it to your gasoline and it will do its job. This will let your car run at its optimum power and remove any sluggish behavior. This will give you the best performance with very little to worry about in terms of maintenance and fuel costs.

This product rates worst on our list for a reason.  It is OK, but there are so many better alternatives out there, that you would be crazy not to use them!

Our favourite review on Amazon is from the wife of a performance enthusiast who wrote

My husband is using this to replace the octane booster he was using. This seems to be working as he has not noticed a change from what he was doing.

More DetailsWe will take that as a positive, that it is better than more expensive brands!


  • Reduces engine pings and knocks
  • Very easy to use, simply poor into the tank


  • Very small MPG improvements
  • Very small power improvements

How Do Octane Boosters Work?

To put it simply, octane boosters are additives that are mixed in with your vehicle’s fuel. This affects the fuel by stabilizing it and increase the level of octane of the fuel. This benefits the car’s performance helping it run smoother. Additionally, it also maintains the inside of the engine and keeps it from breaking down or producing any malfunctions.

Torco Fuel Accelerator, the best boost for your vehicle

Octane boosters are incredibly simple and easy to use. All you have to do is pour an entire bottle of octane boost whenever you go get your gas filled up. The great thing about octane boosters is that you will immediately start to see the results first hand. While they won’t dramatically alter your vehicle to run at peak performance levels, you will definitely notice an improvement. With proper handling and maintenance, you will see major changes in your car’s running performance, efficiency, and even gas mileage.

The low price point of octane boosters makes them a perfect way to have your vehicle run in great working condition without spending too much.  Not only will they save your fuel costs but will also save you from mechanical breakdowns. You can take a look at some of the octane boosters featured here as they have been handpicked for their excellent quality. However, if you’re having trouble deciding which octane booster to ultimately buy, you can check out the buyer’s guide below. It will help you get acquainted with some of the crucial aspects of octane boosters.


torco dyno test resultsUsing octane boosters is beneficial in more ways than one. The biggest one is better fuel efficiency and power. This is made possible by streamlining fuel consumption by compressing the fuel before it is ignited. However, even the most effective octane boosters will only be as effective as the condition they’re used in. As long as you pick the right octane booster for your car and maintain its working condition, you can enjoy the added benefits properly.

What to Consider Before Buying Octane Boosters


One of the key aspects of a decent quality octane boost is the performance that it will provide. After all, it’s likely the reason you’re using one in the first place. What’s tricky about judging performance is that there is no ultimate test to determine real world performance. Every octane booster will advertise its metrics in the form of octane number but this isn’t always reliable. In the real world, these numbers will translate differently depending on the condition of your car, the fuel source you’re using, and your local environmental factors. This is why it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with different brands and how they actually perform in real world scenarios.

Do Octane Boosters Work?

Can a fuel additive really increase horsepower in your car?  Do octane boosters really work? Watch this simple Dyno test on an old Honda to answer the question, once and for all.


Another factor to consider is the cost and whether your budget can accommodate it. Different octane boosters will have different prices and provide varying levels of value. While it’s tempting to go for the cheapest option, it’s not always ideal. A lot of the time you can get a major performance boost by just spending a couple of extra dollars. When you factor in fuel and maintenance costs, sometimes the seemingly expensive option can save you more money in the long run.


Considering the frequency of use is a vital step towards choosing octane boosters. Octane boosters need to be used with each and every refuel. This can stack up costs significantly if you’re not careful so you need to be mindful of what octane booster is more economical for you.


Octane boosters are available in a variety of different sizes from single bottles, to large bottles, and even bulk packs. Sometimes buying bulk packs will cut down your cost per use significantly.


Octane boosts aren’t always universal, some will only be compatible with a specific class of vehicle engines. Before spending your hard earned money on an octane boost, you need to make sure that it will actually work with car. It’s not uncommon to find octane boosters that work for a variety of different vehicles. These can be a good option if you’re not sure whether or not your car is compatible.

Buying Tips

Here are some helpful tips to make the process of choosing and buying your octane booster. By following these tips, you can get the best octane booster for you with ease.

Don’t Be Fooled by Marketing

I pity the fool

Many brands will have you believe that octane boosters can turn your towncar into a full on racing machine. However, this is simply not the case. While Octane Boosters are certainly beneficial, they won’t automatically fix all your problems. At most octane boosters will increase your performance by 3-5% which is enough to reduce engine knocking.

Be Realistic About the Results

Don’t expect your car to run as good as new or better just because you added some octane boost into it. You will definitely notice positive results like better performance, throttle response, and improved gas mileage. Make sure you manage your expectations well so you don’t mindlessly spending hundreds on octane boosters expecting high results.

Pick the Right Octane Boost for your Vehicle

Not all octane boosters will elicit the same effects in your car. Each car has its own specific engine and fuel ratings. Adhering to them will help you choose the right octane boost. Your engine type will also affect the octane boosts results. A low performance engine will almost certainly benefit less from octane boosters than a high performance engine.

Differences between Octane Boosters and Fuel Stabilizers

Octane booster and fuel stabilizers can both be added to increase performance. However, they do so in different ways. Despite common misconception, there is a dividing line between octane boosters and fuel stabilizers. Here is some information that will make the distinction clear.

Fuel Stabilizer

Royal Purple 11722 Max-Clean Fuel Cleaner and Stabilizer

Just as the name implies, a fuel stabilizers job is to stabilize the fuel. When sitting for long periods of time, fuel can often breakdown and decompose. As a result, all kinds of impurities and harmful byproducts are released into fuel system and engine. This ultimately causes the engine to wear out over time and break down. Fuel stabilizers can prevent this from happening by keeping the fuel stable enough to resist breakdown.

Octane Booster

While fuel stabilizers keep the stable during the storage period, octane boosters keep it stable during the burn off. By increasing the octane number, the fuel can be kept stable under compression. This greatly helps reduce the side effects of low octane fuel such as engine knocking, reduced mileage, and low engine performance. This is done by ensuring proper ignition of the fuel at the right time in the cylinder. It is possible to use octane boosters and fuel stabilizers in tandem. However, if your car will have fuel sitting in it for several months, it’s better to go for a fuel stabilizer.

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