Best Car Speakers for Your Ride – Our Survey Says?

Car audio speakers are usually the first things that a car owner will upgrade.  The better the speakers, the better quality sound will be produced. The fact of the matter is that the best car speakers are those which will produce the full range of favorite music in the most realistic manner at all volume levels.

best car speakers
While the car manufacturers have greatly enhanced their stock sound in recent years, they nevertheless can’t reach the excellence supplied by after market car audio speakers.

Over the years, one topic which is always discussed is what are the “best car speakers” in the marketplace. Honestly speaking, it is obvious that the response is purely subjective and based on one’s relationship with a specific car speaker brand. Please scroll down and read the results of our own in-house customer survey. But we also have access to the top car speaker brands on the market.

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  • Great 2 Ohm Car Speakers

In the real world it would be very unusual if a sales person ever recommended something other then the brand he personally sells as the best car speakers. While salesmen might come in contact with many different brand names, their motive for recommending any given car speaker must be suspect since their sale is his source of profit. That is why it is nice to report the findings of an unofficial survey based on years of responses and suggestions from real users of different brands of car audio speakers.

This appeals to most as the best means of judging performance of any speaker in the real world environment of car audio. We hear too many times about a buyer who adored the speakers inside the show room and then became weary of them after they were mounted in his vehicle. Our study final results reflect the feelings of owners after regular use over periods of months and even years.

Survey Results

Our survey has established Rockford Fosgate Audio speakers to be among the most well liked car speakers on the market. These speakers are favorites among serious car audio fans as well as those new to the hobby of car audio.

Rockford Fosgate R169X3In comparison to the big names like Alpine or MB Quart, Rockford Fosgate is a relatively small company which in many places is still relatively unknown.  But once a person actually hears these speakers, most are sold on the spot.  While they can be among the more expensive lines when considering their high-end models, this is definitely a case where “you get what you pay for.”

In our related ‘brick and mortar store’ in Forked River, New Jersey, there was never a doubt as to our favorites.  But through the years after extended use, the majority of our customers made their case for Rockford Fosgate to be the best speakers when considering sound quality and extended service.

To be judged best car speakers, the speakers taken into consideration must be effective at producing good sound quality when played at all power levels. Often certain makes of car speakers will tend to lose good sound quality when played at higher levels. This naturally would disqualify them from being judged among the best. Additionally, it is good to make use of a consumer survey because obviously this would reflect a speaker’s use when powered by an average receiver and also with various power amplifiers used in all sorts of vehicles.

But the nice thing about improving your car’s sound system is the fact that most of us spend more hours each day in our car or truck then we do in our homes. So upgrading your vehicle’s sound system with the best car speakers available just makes good sense.

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