Best Synthetic Motor Oil

Synthetic motor oils have been around since World War II although back then they were mainly used in the aviation industry. It wasn’t until decades later that the automotive industry pulled its finger out and started incorporating synthetic technology into engine oil. Although more expensive, there is no doubt they offer much greater benefits than conventional mineral oils for most automotive applications.

Which is the best synthetic motor oil?

We are not going to bore you with ester this or ester that or any other convoluted, esoteric definitions. It doesn’t have to be complicated; after all, the role of an oil is to lubricate, cool, clean and protect, and the best synthetic motor oils have one quality that makes them stand out from all other kinds of oil: they satisfy these four criteria very well. They can also withstand higher operating temperatures without breaking down whilst still remaining effective at lower operating temperatures.

So you are looking for the best synthetic motor oil?

Well, it kind of doesn’t exist. What might be suitable for one engine may very well not be suitable for another, but we are talking about extremes here. Also, there are a lot of similarities when you compare the highest quality synthetic blends. There are many great brands such as Pennzoil, Amsoil, Motul, Red Line, the list goes on. However, it is more important that you trust the brand/supplier and then ensure that you choose the correct viscosity for your engine, whether it be standard or modified.

If you are looking for 0W-20 synthetic engine oil, take a look at our dedicated guide which reviews the best around from the top brands so you can make an informed decision.

Does a shear point difference of 180 versus 185 degrees really matter when the oil temperature never exceeds 110 degrees, even during the most spirited driving?

The very best engine oils far exceed the recognized standards anyway. Our advice is if you want the best then gain trust in a brand and then choose the very best that brand has to offer for your particular engine.

Why this approach?

Being in the trade we know what goes on behind the scenes first hand. The consumer is really oblivious but we are going to reveal some truths because it’s really one big con. This may upset a few but what is, is and we would be remiss if we told it to you any other way.

  1. A $50 or £50 gallon of oil probably contains around £5 or $5 worth of ingredients.
  2. Most oil companies purchase additives packs from one of the two main formulation companies to their own specification, of course. That’s right, they sub contract the procurement of ingredients and its formulation to the SAME companies.
  3. It’s just one big marketing competition.

top 0w-20 synthetic oilsSee, there is another reason why the very best synthetic motor oil doesn’t exist. It hasn’t been made yet! The oil companies have little interest in outdoing each other with the quality of their oils as it does not pay them to do so. It’s a marketing competition not a product performance one. The best engine oil technology is reserved to specialist applications such as motor sport.

Again, if you are looking for the best motor oil then our advice is to research, gain the trust of a reputable brand and ensure that you purchase from a legitimate vendor that will provide you with honest and accurate advice. Advice that includes recommending the best oil for your particular engine needs.

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