Bling It On Baby!

Adding some polished stainless accessories to your truck can improve its curb appeal.

stainless steel truck railsSome truck enthusiasts love the look of a clean body line with color matched components. Others want to chrome or polish everything they can. One of the more popular items that brighten up a truck is the addition of stainless steel aftermarket products.

Items like stainless grilles can dramaticaly alter the appearance, but add stainless bed protectors and running boards to your truck, and it will be over the top in the “bling” department.

If that’s not enough shine for your ride, then how about adding stainless door edge guards and a stainless light bar rack to “reflect” your personality.

No matter what type of polished item you add to your truck, keep in mind that stainless will not corrode and that it can be easily cleaned up with some polish, to like-new condition. Nevertheless, it will help your truck glimmer down the street to make you the flavor of the month among your peers.

Stainless bed protectors will make the rear of your truck shine

stainless steel ford rangerStainless grilles are the all the rage today, and can be cut out in a variety of styles and shapes.
Stainless running boards will not corrode from road salt and harsh weather. They will stay looking good and add some flair to your truck.

Top off your truck with a polished stainless light bar that will set your off-road truck above the rest.

Saving The Inside Of Your SUV

Although SUV’s are quickly becoming the staple ride of Beverly Hills housewives and rap stars, there are some of us out there that remember that the S stands for Sport instead of Styling.  Yes we still love the bling!

However, SUV’s were built to be rugged, but we don’t always want a thrashed interior showing the tell tale signs of punishment. A cargo liner can protect the rear floor from abuse and even shield the interior panels from dings and scratches.

drop in truck bed linerCargo liners are also great because many of them are removable and can be washed after you muck them up. This is perfect if you are hauling dirty sports equipment, or greasy engine parts. Cargo liners come in a variety of materials, from no frills plastic or urethane, to soft fiber foam that matches the rest of your interior’s color.

Most liners are waterproof, so there should be no fear when it comes to hauling that leaky automatic transmission home from the junkyard.

So if your SUV actually gets to see some action every once in a while, get a cargo liner to keep your interior from getting nasty. Who knows, people may have to sit back there someday.


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