Truck Rental for Moving
The “cheap” way to move anything is through Truck Rentals for Moving. This do it yourself approach is very popular with the budget conscious. Having some minor experience with moving myself, I took the time to look at the various Truck Rentals for Moving that exist these days and then decided to see what people were saying about the most popular ones. Moving Truck Rental Companies Some of the major Moving Truck Rental companies are
car battery disposal

Old Car Batteries – Dangers and Disposal

Posted by Jim Parsons on  September 30, 2019
Category: Environment
A car or automotive battery, also referred to as a lead-acid battery, contains about 21 pounds of lead, three pounds of plastic and one gallon of sulfuric acid. These items can be toxic if handled improperly, and there is a better solution. It’s not only a nuisance to see old vehicle batteries anywhere, but it’s also illegal to throw them anywhere. Old car batteries are very hazardous to the environment, and it can directly affect

Tesla Pickup Truck Less Than $50k

Posted by Jim Parsons on  July 5, 2019
Category: Blog
Today, at Tesla’s Q4 2018 investor conference, CEO Elon Musk declared that Tesla’s long-awaited pickup truck apparently is ready to be released this coming summer. He had recently stated that Tesla ‘may’ reveal the prototype in the upcoming year. And in today’s call, he looked somewhat more sure that the unveiling would take place this coming summer. However, don’t buy your plane tickets just yet, because nothing has been officially announced. Even though the rumors
how to remove bumper stickers
Ever had one of those pesky ‘required’ stickers on your car? The kind that have just been there for years. Or the ones that you need to replace every year? If you did, you’re probably aware of the sheer horror it was to remove them. Or maybe you don’t remove them and they are just piling up, new stickers over the old ones. You’re not alone, we used to be exactly the same. Do you
automotive floor jacks

How Many Automotive Floor Jacks Do You Have

Posted by Jim Parsons on  January 16, 2019
Category: Articles
When it comes to picking a floor jack you really need to make sure you get one that matches your needs. For example the type of floor jacks you’d be looking at if you have a 4×4 truck will be a lot different than if you’re looking for a hydraulic car jack that will fit under your sports car. In that case you’d be better off looking at low profile floor jacks instead of a