truck bed liners
Bedliners protect the bed of your pickup truck by providing an insulating layer between cargo and the walls of your truck’s bed. They cover the factory sheet metal and prevent the bed from becoming scratched and dented from constant use. There are two basic types of liners, plastic drop-in and urethane spray-on. Drop in liners Generally, plastic liners are pre-formed to the vehicle’s bed. They hold up to a lot of abuse and allow cargo
Sir Michaels roll pan

Roll with it

Posted by Jim Parsons on  January 24, 2018
Category: Articles
As is the case with most new truck styles, there is not much available to change the style to your personal tastes. This is true with the new 2002 Dodge Ram. Few manufacturers have stepped up and designed products for this new truck. One of the items we wanted to do to the truck is to remove the big, bulky rear bumper in favor of a smooth, roll pan. Sir Michael’s roll pan to the
cleaning your pickup truck

Detailing Tips from the Experts

Posted by Jim Parsons on  January 24, 2018
Category: Articles
When it comes to detailing our vehicles, many of us think we’re pretty good at it. We all have our favorite kinds of waxes and products to do the job right, however, some professional detailers prefer to use products that make the job easier. We spoke with Adam Pitale of Adam’s Polishes to get some tips. Pitale has been detailing cars and trucks for many years and has developed techniques and products that make the