Custom Subwoofer Enclosures

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When you purchase a new truck or car, one of the first things most people want to update is the OEM sound system. The best improvement you can make to a stock system is to add a sub woofer. Then reality sets in and the new vehicle owner realizes installation of a sub woofer requires a substantial amount of room be sacrificed to the sub and amplifier. But we all know that a good subwoofer translates into quality bass sound. So the problem is to add a large speaker into today’s smaller vehicles while not encroaching upon valuable space.

Today, many are considering the huge variety of custom subwoofer enclosures which not only allows the addition of a subwoofer but also provides a stealth or OEM style installation. The new custom subwoofer enclosures are manufactured by companies such as MTX Audio, QLogic Q-Customs and BassForms. It’s safe to say that between these three manufacturers, you can find a custom sub enclosure for just about any popular vehicle.

Custom Enclosures

MTX and QLOGIC has perfected the use of special composite materials to form their custom enclosures into discreet installation locations for most vehicles. While many sub boxes are designed to fit behind or under the read seats in trucks, most custom boxes for automobiles have been designed to install in hide away places in the rear hatch or trunk. This enables the vehicle owner to keep his Bass Sound investment hidden from prying eyes and still allows him to enjoy the functionality of his specific vehicle.

BassForms is a manufacturer of high end fiberglass custom sub enclosures. These fiberglass models deliver even a deeper, richer sounding bass. This manufacturer also provides a large variety of universal style boxes which are perfect for the popular SUV of today. Many even include a special mounting area for your amplifier as well as the subwoofers.

Pre-loaded Subwoofer Boxes

MTX audio custom subwoofer enclosures are available pre-loaded with MTX subs and even come with an amplifier built-in. These are exceptional since they enable you to hide your amp, as well as your subwoofer. A side benefit of this box is they also are very easy to install since the sub and amplifier are pre-wired. Just hook up to an appropriate power source and you are good to go.

So be sure to consider a custom subwoofer enclosure for your vehicle before purchasing a standard universal box. You’ll be very happy with the results.

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