Ford Ranger Bumpers: A Comprehensive Guide

ford ranger bumpersYour go-to pickup, the Ford Ranger has been around for several years thanks to its solid and sturdy build. As a matter of fact, Ford Rangers have been one of the most dependable workhorses for folk worldwide for many years. But after many years of hard work, your truck is likely to need a bit of makeover.

Changing or upgrading your Ford Ranger’s bumper will not only make it stronger and offer practical capabilities, but it will also dramatically improve the style of your truck. Customizing your truck with a brand new bumper will give it that fresh look and might even make your work a little easier or your weekends more fun!

If you are looking for front off road, winch, chrome, custom or OE bumper, you are in the right place.  We have put together a great selection of each so you do not have to search to find what you need to pimp your ride or beef it up for some off road fun.

Our favourite is the Aries 3053 Black Steel Grille Guard as it looks great and gives you the chance to add a winch or other accessories, but if that does not float your boat, there are some great choices for pretty much anything you are looking for.

Best Ford Ranger Front Bumpers at the Cheapest Prices

How to Remove your Ford Ranger Front Bumper and Install Bull Bars

The below video gives you a good idea of the steps needed to remove the front bumper from your Ford Ranger and install bull bars, but this is also helpful if you just want to replace your damaged or old bumper.

Ford Ranger Bumper Brands

With a wide variety of options in the market, getting the right advice will help you decide which model and brand will fit your needs and requirements.

Keep in mind that if you are adding a winch to your truck, make sure you pick the most suitable bumper for your Ford Ranger, it will not only need to be durable but also able to withstand any kind of force which results from any heavy duty winches you have fitted. For more information on winches, checkout our Best 4×4 Winch For Your Money buyers guide.

Westin Bumpers

Westin Bumpers are well loved by Ford Ranger owners for their reliability and functionality. It is a great option if you want to incorporate winches, making it a popular Ford Ranger winch bumper. The winches can easily fit inside the bumper which allows for maximum flow of air to the truck’s radiator. It also comes with pre drilled holes to make installation of the winch into the bumper easily.

westin winch

Westin 12500 winch for Westin front bumper

Aside from a few features which may vary slightly with each model and design, almost all Westin bumpers considerably improve the tire and ground clearance for Ford Rangers.

They also come with additional mount points for corner light and also for rock light. The jack points are also available both for the side and the front.

Since the winch easily fits on the inside of the bumper, it allows the flow of maximum air to the radiator of your truck. This is a feature you will not find in most of the other brands.

The Westin brush guard is easy to fit and looks great, as you can see.

Fey Bumpers

Fey is great brand name and offer superb quality replacement bumpers for all sorts of trucks, not just the Ford Ranger. As a matter of fact, they are tough to beat in the market right now.

Fey 76000 DiamondStep Universal Chrome Replacement Rear Bumper

Fey 76000 DiamondStep Universal Chrome Replacement Rear Bumper

Fey bumpers offer impeccable fitting and appearance. Most buyers opt for Fey because of its replacement models that are specific to each vehicle and universal style. With Fey Ford Ranger bumpers you do not need additional drilling for an easy installation.

Most Fey bumpers are OE style to maintain the original design and fit. It meets the OE specifications when it comes to fit, function and form. Since they are made with proper gauge, it gives you the ultimate level of durability and strength. Fey replacement bumpers provide robust protection against any kind of road debris and rock chips besides low impact collisions.

Sherman Bumpers

Sherman is another brand that have been designed for an OE style fitting. These bumpers are usually made of top quality steel and you can get to pick from a wide variety of finishes consisting of black and chrome.

sherman chrome rear bumper

This goes for both the front and rear end of your Ford Ranger. Whether you are trying to restore your truck or you are just looking to replace your old rusted bumper, Sherman Ford Ranger bumpers are a great upgrade from the usual bumpers available in the market.

Get a precise fitting, by placing an order for the model which corresponds with your Ford Ranger application. Their classic models are high on protection for your trunk, cooling system, grill, exhaust, fuel, hood and other safety features like tail lights, parking lights, head lamps, etc during a slow speed collision.

Sherman bumpers have also achieved almost perfection with its precise elevation for the right level of ground clearance with raised corners and high degree approach angels.

How to Easily Replace a Ford Ranger Rear Bumper

Air Deflector Strips

Irrespective of the brand, depending on what you do with your truck you might want to look for bumpers with deflector strips. These are usually that 3 – 4 inch plastic guard that can be seen running along the bottom part. On first glance it might strike most of the onlookers as a hindrance to the ground clearance instead of doing anything to help the truck. However, it is vital for deflecting the air and improving performance.

There are two major things that these air deflectors do – first, it offers stability to speeding trucks by changing the overall air pressure underneath the truck. Second, it also helps to divert the airflow towards the radiator on certain occasions.

Air deflectors will go a long way in helping you to save fuel because the more the air flows under your truck, the bigger affect the air flow will have on overall fuel economy.

Looking for a bit of inspiration?

Have a look at what you could really do if you wanted to.  Well a man dream can’t he!

Ford Ranger bumpers will not only protect the front and rear end of your truck. Adding a brand new bumper will enhance the overall exterior look of your Ford Ranger and can be a great accessory to add a little bling factor.















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