Heavy Duty Truck Bumpers – A Complete Guide – Part 2

This is Part 2 of our Heavy Duty Truck Bumpers buying guide.  If you missed Part 1 you can check it out here but the aim of Part 2 is to continue reviewing the options for aftermarket bumpers for your truck.

We will present the quality options available so you can make an informed decision on a replacement bumper to fit your exact needs.  There really is some excellent choices and video guides for installation and manufacturing, so you can see the quality of materials and how easy it is to fit them yourself.

Trail Ready

Trail Ready BumpersTrail Ready is a huge name in superior heavy duty winch bumpers. They specialize in creating rock solid front bumper replacements and have been serving happy and highly satisfied customers for over ten years.

If you have a Ford, GMC or Dodge, Chevy, Nissan or Toyota truck or a Jeep, Trail Ready will surely have a bumper for you since they have all truck and jeep models since the 1980’s up to the most recent models.

Additionally, Trail Ready does in-house manufacturing, which means quicker delivery time, lower cost to the consumer and a broad product offering.

Trail Ready is an established company and has continually produced strong, yet not overweight bumpers that will not compromise handling. These bumpers are designed with an aggressive style that appeals to everyone. Engineered for maximum strength, Trail Ready’s Extreme Duty Winch Bumpers are now made with larger and tougher grille tubing. They are also equipped with 4 standard light ports for an even more striking look.

trailready full guardWhat sets apart the Trail Ready Bumpers, you ask? It’s the product’s strength and style, as well as the company’s commitment to providing customers with cutting edge designs, excellent quality and top service.

Trail Ready Bumpers are built with ¼” steel full-size truck chassis mount subframes and winch mounts with 3/16” outer wings. Jeeps on the other hand, will get 3/16” winch and chassis mount subframes with 1/8” outer wings.

Trail Ready Bumpesr weigh approximately 170 pounds only. They are also designed to handle winches up to 16,500 pounds pulling power with a 4”x20” opening on top to access controls and cable. They also have D-ring mounts for 1” shaft shackles and quad light ports that fit most 6” and 4” lights.

For maximum air flow, especially for diesel trucks and jeeps, Trail Ready Bumpers have cooling inlets so that they don’t hamper performance. Trail Ready Bumpers also have frame mounts separate from the bumper so that they can be adjusted into place allowing perfect fit in every vehicle. Lastly, Trail Ready Bumpers are fully sandblasted, acid etched and coated with primer before finally coated with a semi-flat lightly textured mini-tex black colour.

How to Install a TrailReady Heavy Duty Bumper on a Ford F-150

Great video showing how to install the Bumper, grille, lights, winch and shocks on a Ford F-150.

Fab Fours

Fab Fours Grumper Jeep Front bumperFab Fours is one of the leading bumper manufacturers in the world. Headquartered in Pineville, North Carolina, Fab Fours proudly makes all their products in the USA and keeps the bumpers in stock at their distribution warehouses for inventory. They use 3D design rendering, coupled with tried and tested business strategy to ensure the highest quality products will be produced and delivered to their customers. Also, Fab Fours mass manufactures their products and nothing is made to order to ensure exact repeatable quality and precise fit.

Fab Fours manufactures front and rear bumpers for Dodge, Chevy, GMC, Jeep, Nissan and Toyota, as well as differential covers, lights, receiver hitches, hi-lift jack mount, bumper extension caps, push bars and other accessories. In addition, Fab Fours also makes severe duty bumpers and winch mounting systems for commercial applications.

Fab Fours BumpersFab Fours Bumpers include classic winch bumpers, as well as winch bumpers with full grille guard and winch bumpers with pre-runner guard. At the back, Fab Fours offers plain rear bumpers, as well as those with tire carriers for some applications. They also carry Rock Sliders for Jeeps.

Most Fab Fours Bumpers are made using 3/16” heavy duty steel and packages include 1” D-ring mounts, 90 mm HELLA fog lights and wiring, as well as a winch mount that accommodates most 12,000-pound winches. Some packages also have 60 mm turn lights as a standard inclusion. Fab Fours Bumpers are also designed “high and tight” so that it attaches very closely to the stock bumper, therefore providing more tire clearance. You can get them in 2-stage black powder coat or bare steel finish.

For quality that you can count on and unprecedented customer service, Fab Fours delivers.

Ranch Hand

Ranch Hand BumpersRanch Hand is the trusted name for aftermarket truck and SUV accessories in the United States since 1987. They have a full line of heavy duty accessories for Ford, Chevy, GMC, Dodge, Toyota and Jeep trucks and SUVs and set the standard for craftsmanship, durability and quality with the goal of customer satisfaction for providing the best added protection for your vehicle.

Ranch Hand manufactures their products in their 100,000 square foot facility in Shiner, Texas, as well as their 15,000 square foot facility in Beeville, also in Texas. You can get their products from their six retail stores scattered across Texas, Oklahoma and Colorado, as well as their distributors, truck/SUV accessory dealers and selected new truck dealerships across the United States. They manufacture grille guards, front bumper replacements, rear bumpers, headache racks, winch attachment systems, tool boxes and steps.

Ranch Hand Bumpers come in three designs: the Legend Series, the Summit Series and the Bull Nose. The Legend Series boasts of being the toughest product in the market, having been field tested in the most extreme conditions. You can get the 8,000-9,000-pound winch option with a 4” schedule 40 pipe bumper or the 15,000-pound winch option with a ¼” formed channel bumper. The Ranch Hand Legend Series also includes a 2” receiver hitch.

Ranch Hand Sport Front BumperThe Ranch Hand Summit Series doesn’t just provide solid front end protection, it’s also lightweight. This design allows you to retain your fog lights and tow hooks so they need not be replaced. They are also made from 12-gauge diamond plate steel and includes a patented Hidden 2” Receiver or H2R, which allows you to add a receiver anytime you need to without having to remove the front bumper replacement each time.

Finally, the Ranch Hand Bull Nose Bumper is designed for those who prefer to have the same front end protection without a grille guard. This bumper is designed with the off-road rally style in mind and has 12-gauge contoured skirts to complete the look.

Ranch Hand Bumpers are not just tough, but also dependable. You can’t expect anything less from a company that’s been operating since 1986 and leading ever since.

Ranch Hand Bumper Factory Tour

Ranch Hand make quality bumpers from quality materials.  Take a look at exactly how these are built, what materials are used and what options are available.

Road Armor

Road Armor BumpersRoad Armor makes some of the best bumpers in the world. They are a company dedicated to manufacturing bumpers that have the best form, fit and finish. Road Armor uses a high-angle faceting approach that a lot of other companies have tried to copy. They specialize in Stealth Winch Bumpers and since they debuted in 2002, they have been flying off the shelves. Using the latest technology in parametric Computer-Aided Design or CAD and state-of-the-art equipment, Road Armor is able to produce quality products that have the best fit and finish at the most competitive prices.

Road Armor has non-winch bumpers available and an optional front receiver hitch for selected models. For those who want even more protection for their front end, they have Stealth Base Bumpers with Pre-Runner Guard and Stealth Base Bumpers with Full Guard, which both have 3” diameter and .120 wall tubing with light mounts for two off-road lights.

The sporty types, as well as the ultimate off-roaders will love the Stealth Base Bumpers with Lonestar Guard, which have a 2.5” .120 wall tube at the center and 2” .120 wall outer tubes and the Stealth Base Bumpers with Fleet Guard, which have upright plates and outer tubes. Finally, Road Armor offers Stealth Base Bumpers with Titan Guard in two designs, both having 3” diameter .120 wall tubing, along with either 3 or 4 off-road lights.

road-armor-stealthFurthermore, Road Armor Bumpers are designed to conform along each vehicle’s body lines with winch mounts that are capable of housing Superwinch and WARN Winches. They have 3/16” outer steel shell and include shackle mounts, as well as dual recessed light pods for fog lights. Road Armor also offers Stealth Base Rear Bumpers to match the same high quality front bumpers that you are getting. The best thing about Road Armor Bumpers? They offer a lifetime guarantee against breakage.

If you want simple, yet heavy duty and high quality front and rear bumpers, you can’t get a better deal than what you’ll get from Road Armor.


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