Hemi Ram

The term Hemi carries a history and tradition of winning drag races, NASCAR and numerous street races that we can’t talk about. However, with its resurgence in 2003 in the Dodge Ram, many thought that its legend would be turned into an environmentally friendly, fuel-efficient engine that makes 200 horsepower.

hemi ram pickup truck

The truth is, that the new Hemi engine makes 345 horsepower and is environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient. Although it is a far cry from its 425 + horsepower heritage, Larry Weiner at Performance west Group decided to make the new Hemi live up to its past.

This doesn’t resemble a 426 Hemi, but this modern version is 5.7 liters and with the Kenne Bell blower, makes 500 horses.

Add a turbo charger

hemi ram turbo chargerStarting out with a 2500 Quad Cab, the factory 5.7 liter Hemi was outfitted with a Kenne Bell, twin-screw Supercharger and Optimizer II engine management system to turn the Hemi into a 500 horsepower monster that any Charger or Road Runner owner would be proud of. Even the rumble from the Gibson Cat-back exhaust system is reminiscent of the old muscle cars carrying the same Hemi badge.

A Gaylord’s tonneau and Sir Michael’s roll pan smooth out the Hemi Ram’s rear. The Ram is also dressed to impress, in Hemi Orange pearl paint and black striping, applied by Mike Face Custom Paint in San Bernardino, California.

The front air dam is a Mopar Parts item, while the fender flares are aftermarket pieces from Xenon. Up front, a B-Cool billet Grille replaces the factory grille, while at the rear, a Sir Michael’s Roll Pan and Gaylord tonneau cover is used to smooth out the edges of this truck.

In addition, an AMP Research Billet Fuel Door is reminiscent of the old NASCAR styled fuel doors used on many Dodge muscle cars.

The interior is a very nice place to spend some time

hemi ram pickup interiorInterior features two-tone Katzkin leather seats. On the inside, a custom Katzkin two-tone interior is used, along with polished stainless steel door entry guards, available from Mopar.

One of the Hemi Ram’s most dominant features is the large set of 26-inch diameter Oasis Alloy wheels. These chromed wheels measure 26×10 and are mounted to a set of Yokohama 305/25R26 tyres that were specially made for this wheel. the huge 26-inch diameter wheels and Yokohama tires set this Ram into the modern age of cool trucks.

hemi truck 22 inch wheels

To enhance the stance even further, the factory Ram suspension was lowered a few inches by Advantage Performance Center in Riverside, California.

The Hemi Ram definitely lives up to the Hemi tradition and brings it forward into a modern truck package that demonstrates a marriage of tradition and function.

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