How to Build a Portable Movie Theater In the Back of a Pickup Truck

pickup truck hitch theatre

How to build a pickup truck hitch theatre

Camping has largely been about trying to go out in the great outdoors and be one with nature. That’s the appeal of camping for most people who want to hitch up a tent in the woods. However, for a lot of people, it can be something more than that like a family outing or social gathering. In situations like those, having some creature comforts is always a nice bonus.

Adam Savage from Tested has aimed for just that with his new entertainment option for campers – a portable movie theatre. The basic principle of this ingenious invention is to have a portable screen that can unravel itself from the back of a pickup.

To achieve this, Adam built a wooden box according to the pickup’s dimensions to house an inflatable screen. This box is multi-functional because it can store the screen, support it when inflated, and keep folding chairs on it via the built-in chair rack. You can do this with your own pickup as well, provided you make the right measurements of the bed of the truck.

If you do not want to make one yourself, you can always pickup a hitch theatre screen which is easy to setup in under 10 minutes for your own drive in movie.

Hitch Theatre

The portability that projector screens provide is something to truly marvel at. No doubt you’ve tried moving your projector screen to places where you normally couldn’t bring a traditional TV screen to. However, the one area where you probably haven’t tried putting your screen in is the back of your pickup truck.

Hitch Theatre is a company that allows you to do that with its projector screens and stands. The screen attaches to the hitch mount of your pickup truck with an additional stand to support the projector. Now, you can watch movies comfortably on your personal movie theatre right in your vehicle.

Hitch Theatre offers two types of projector screen stands for mounting. The rooftop stand allows you to attach the screen to the truck directly, so you can watch movies right off the truck bed. On the other hand, the tall stand allows you to project away from the truck so that you can set up chairs for everyone to watch. You can even buy a freestanding projector screen for when the truck is otherwise occupied.

These offerings aren’t just limited to pickup trucks either. The Hitch Theatre screens are designed to be attached to any vehicle that has a hitch. So, even if you own an SUV, you can use the tall stand to attach the screen to the roof and make it the ultimate portable theatre.

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