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home vehicle lifts

You will wonder what you did before you had one!

Auto lifts, which are also known as car lifts, are a safer option to work under cars, compared to using car or truck jacks. They also provide increased workspace and this makes any jobs you have easier to perform. The car lifts which are reviewed below are the ideal tools to have for your home garage because of multiple reasons, such as their easy usage and their affordability.

Most of the mechanics who use these vehicle lifts wish that had they bought them sooner, as it would have made their job much easier.  But live and learn!

The BendPak Portable Mid-Rise Scissor Lift – 6,000lb lift, is the ideal choice for home garages as it is affordable, portable and it is extremely easy to use and is our top pick.

With a lift capacity of 3 tons, it is a great choice for light trucks and for most types of cars/vehicles. It is equipped with a 110-220v motor and it can quite efficiently lift to its full height in merely 45 seconds. With its minimum height at the bottom of just 5 inches, it fits under most vehicles, but it is always a good idea to check yours before buying.

Moreover, it comes fully assembled and as such it does not require much work to get it started. Even though the machine is quite heavy, weighing around 954 pounds, most of the users found it easy to move around without any trouble.

Buyers who have used this lift have commented that the lift can easily go up and down quite fast and they have access to all parts of the car without difficulty. One customer commented that they were able to lift a 5,000lb ford flex with this lift without issue. Many others said it had a solid build and is a quite machine.

Most customers complaints were related to the shipping and delivery. They commented that the lift arrives on a pallet and is quite heavy.  To be honest, this is kind of expected given the lifts capabilities and build.

BendPak is a solid brand and manufacturer and they are known for their great quality lifts so you can buy with confidence.

Best 5 Auto Lifts Reviewed

1. 4.2 Amazon ratingBendPak Portable Mid-Rise Scissor Lift – 6,000lb. Capacity, Model# MD-6XP

This is a great portable car lift to have in your home garage. It is capable of easily lifting about 6,000 lbs, it has a scissor lift design and a compact layout, making it efficient and capable. Moreover, its construction is very solid meaning that this is the only lift you need to get your job done.

BendPak scissor lift

BendPak scissor lift is a great choice and easy to store

The lift has an adjustable arm as well as a safety lock bar which makes this lift safe as well as practical. It also includes a free truck adapter package so you can use this life with trucks as well as cars and other vehicles.

One of the greatest advantages of this lift is its portability which makes it really easy to move around. The lift also has a small and compact design which makes it easy to store when needed.

Safety is your number one consideration when choosing a vehicle lift. There should never be a compromise on the safety of such types of machines, especially as it will be raising up a whole vehicle that you are working on, so you need to ensure that it is reliable and easy to use.

You have to be very careful that the machine does not malfunction while you or anyone else are under it or it could be quite dangerous and perhaps even lethal. However, this BendPak Portable Mid-Rise Scissor Lift is equipped with a lot of safety features which will ensure that you and others working with it are safe and sound.

Apart from being a very safe machine to use, this lift is also made with very solid quality materials including he hydraulic hose which is commercial grade so will last. It is also equipped with a lock bar mechanism that has different locking positions which ensures safety and also provides versatility for every job.

Excellent setup guide and first use video to show how easy this lift is to use

This auto lift is highly recommended for anyone looking for a portable and space saving lift that is also easy on the pocket. BendPak has a variety of other devices in a similar scissor lift design but those are heavier and are relatively expensive as well.

Other models of BendPak should be considered if you are not interested in space saving or portability and are looking for higher weight capacity. At such low price for the convenience and capability, this auto lift is a great buy!

2. Triumph NSS-8 8000Lbs 4 Post Storage Service Lift4.7 Amazon rating

Triumph 4 post list

The scissor lift design may be the ideal choice for certain applications, but it does have its shortcomings too. For example, it makes access to particular parts of the exhaust a bit tricky to reach. You are also unable to work under the car once it is lifted up completely. If you require more access under the car, then this four post lift is probably a better choice for you. The Triumph NSS-8 is a perfect choice for those looking for a 4 post lift for their home garage, and one we would be very happy to work under every day of the week!

The Triumph NSS-8 lift is the perfect dual purpose lift capable of lifting vehicles up to 4 tons to work on, and can also be used to store a car off the ground enabling you to park another car underneath. Many users of this lift utilise this space saving feature in their garages and praise its quiet and simple operation.

This lift with its 4 posts is quite a versatile machine to have for any garage. Apart from being able to store multiple cars, it is also mobile and comes equipped with a castor kit. Another nice feature is the drip tray which is able to catch fluids which may drip from an above vehicle, and it also comes with jack trays, which allows you to jack up your car or truck when it is still on top of the lift, for additional height.

The majority of customers commented that they wished they had purchased this car lift years ago, as it would have saved them so much time and effort.

The installation process however is quite tricky as the lift does not come pre-assembled. Even though the complicated parts are already assembled, most of the buyers commented that it took them the whole day to assemble the lift and they needed the help of four people to do so. Another issue that customers felt was annoying, is that the instructions for the installation are unclear and as such the users had to contact the manufacturer for directions.

Triumph NSS-8 Installation Manual

To help, please take a look at the installation guide which takes you through step by step of exactly what you will need and how long it will take to complete installation.

3. Auto Lift Car Park, 8 Car Storage Lift – 8,000 pounds4.4 Amazon rating

Auto Lift Car-Park-8This car lift is a great choice for home mechanics especially if they have more than one car that they need to store in their garages. It is built in order to work both ways, to be able to store cars, as well as to work on cars.

This car lift can easily hold around 8,000lbs in weight which means you can comfortably lift up almost any sort of car or truck. The speed of lifting is also quite good with just 90 seconds for raising up as well as lowering the car down.

Equipped with useful features like a jack tray which allows you to jack up the truck once it is on the platform. It also includes a set of 3 drip trays which can catch fluids dripping on them which saves you the hassle of cleaning up later.

Designed with safety features such as the redundant ladder locking system which locks in case there is a cable failure. Being made from aircraft quality materials and rated for 14,500 pounds, this is one tough cookie and unlikely to break any time soon. There is an also an extra large slider block which increases the stability of this lift.

Overall, it can be said that this lift is not just very convenient but also quite similar in features to the Triumph NSS8. This lift, however, is slightly more expensive and larger in size.

4. Triumph NT-9 9000Lbs Two Post Floor Plate Lift4.4 Amazon rating

Triumph NT-9 2 Post Lift

The Triumph NT-9 is the ideal choice if you are looking for a lift that has two posts. It is equipped with a capacity of about 9000 pounds for only $2000, which allows you to get your work done easily. It also has a better customer satisfaction rating and is less pricey than any other two post model we could test.

Most people who bought this two post lift, found it really useful and said they would definitely buy it again.

The best thing about this lift is the fact that it is extremely easy to assemble. One customer commented that there were no instructions on how to assemble and yet it was quite easy to figure out.

Benefits of a two post lift compared to a 4 post lift is the space you can save in your garage. Plus they are also less expensive which is handy, and as mentioned before, the assembly process is very simple and easy.

Checkout the video below for 5 helpful tips to consider before installing a car lift in your garage

5. BendPak Asymmetric Lift – 10,000-Lb. Capacity, Model# XPR-10A3.4 Amazon rating

BendPak XPR-10AThis is quite a strong two post lift. It has a maximum capacity of about 10,000 lbs that is stronger than any other lift that we reviewed, which is impressive. This lift is also the most expensive lift in this review but the features are quite useful which makes it worth the money.

It has a 30 degrees rotated column which gives you the ability to open the car doors while it is on the lift. It can also lift the cars symmetrically as well as asymmetrically.

It comes equipped with a safety bar that is padded and protects the car from any sort of damages, and can be used in professional garage as well as in the home garages.

With the most advanced engineered technology available in the industry, these Bendpak lifts are built to safety standards well above normal OSHA/ALI/ETL requirements.

Want to see a superb time-lapse of 1 person installing the Bendpak XPR-10A?  Checkout the video below.

What you need to keep in mind when buying a car lift

When you are considering purchasing a car lift, there are certain things you must consider.

Low or Mid Rise Frame

These are often used for home garages and also by auto enthusiasts. Best described as entry level lifts, they often use the scissor or the parallelogram method of lifting, which are raised and lowered with electric hydraulics or compressed air. These lifts can be used for working on body work or for working on the wheels and do not provide complete access to the underneath of the vehicle.

Low or Mid Rise Frame

Two Post Surface Mounted

This is used in most of the mechanic shops and is the most common kind. It is able to provide the maximum access to the underneath of the vehicle as it lifts the cars by the frame. This way, mechanics are able to have access to all parts of the car and even the hard to reach places. It is the ideal choice for working on the car’s fuel system, the exhaust as well as any of the undersides of the car. These lifts are however, slightly expensive compared to others.

Two Post Surface MountedMulti post runway

These types of lifts usually comprise of about 4 posts and have runways or a ramp which allows the car to drive on to the lift. The wheels of the vehicle often sit on the lift, though they can also be removed while the lift is configured for wheel work.

Multi post runwayScissor

The scissor lifts are available in different sizes and shapes and are equipped with different configurations. They can be below the ground as well as above the ground and also body or frame mounted. It is possible to lift up the whole automobile straight up instead of backward or forward with this type of lift.

Scissor truck liftIn ground

These lifts are housed under the ground. They have 3 advantages, firstly, ease of use, secondly, environmental safety and last but no means least, saving space. These are quite easy in operation as a whole car can be driven on top of the lift which makes it hassle free to align the car and the car lift. It also helps in saving space since these are underground. When it is not being used, equipment as well as cars can be stored on top. There is also less of a risk of ground contamination by fluids since the hydraulics are enclosed.

in-ground van liftDrive on Parallelogram

This is usually a drive on lift with runways. What makes it different from others is that it can move slightly backwards as well as forwards when it is lifting the car in the air.

Drive-On Parallelogram lift

Capacity of the load

You must consider what the maximum weight the lift can carry, as quite often the low rise lifts are rated for less than 3 tons while there are some 2 post lifts that can lift about 9 tons, so be sure to think what you need now and are likely to require in the future.

Lift height

This is the maximum height that the lift can raise the car. It is important to consider this factor as quite often the low rise lifts can only raise to a few feet which makes it difficult to work under the car or truck. There are some four post lifts which can raise to fourteen feet.

Speed of the lift

The amount of time it takes for the lift to fully lower or to fully raise must also be considered. There are some lifts which may take just a few seconds to reach their maximum height while some may take a few minutes. This is an important factor to consider especially if you have a large number of cars you are working on.














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