Truck Lift Kits

Truck lift kits are some of the most popular equipment used in customizing pickup trucks and other vehicles. A lift kit is an aftermarket vehicle accessory that is set up to increase the suspension or the entire body of a motor vehicle and give it a higher profile.

Truck lift kits are usually utilized by enthusiasts who want to create a much more imposing appear to their pickup trucks. When a lift kit is set up, the wheel wells of a truck experience increased, as a result permitting bigger tires to be installed.

truck lift kits

Lift kits have equally positive aspects and disadvantages. The major benefit of truck lift kits is the improvement in dealing with as nicely as the visual enhancement it gives. A higher ground clearance makes the truck appear a lot more aggressive and muscular. Some 4×4 truck owners install lift kits in their automobiles to improve their performance when offroading. The principal disadvantage of lift kits is that they increase your truck?s center of gravity. This can make the vehicle less steady, especially when negotiating sharp turns.

Lift kits are classified into two varieties: physique lift kits and suspension lift kits. A physique lift kit only lifts the physique from the frame, normally from one to three inches increased. Lift kits are relatively low-cost and consist of spacers and blocks installed under the physique.

  • Body lift kits are effortless to install and do not impact the experience good quality of the automobile or alter or enrich the suspension. It also does not enhance ground clearance, though it will boost the height of the wheel well, permitting taller tires to be set up.
  • Suspension lift kits, on the other hand, substitute the front and rear leaf springs and shocks to lift the suspension, usually four to six inches larger. Suspension lift kits are costlier than entire body lift kits but will increase ground clearance a lot more.

Truck lift kits are readily obtainable from many producers in a extensive array of prices. If you are preparing to install a lift kit in your truck, it is recommended to talk to a mechanic or specialist very first so that you can focus on it in detail. Or you can take a look at our Ford Ranger Lift Guide and watch videos of how to do it yourself and find the right kit for your truck.

Jeep Lift Kits – Getting Your Jeep Off the Ground

There are many reasons to install a Jeep lift kit, but the most common reason is to allow for more clearance in your vehicle to deal with off-road obstacles. Installing a Jeep lift kit will also allow the user to run larger tires. There are also people who install lift kits just for the style. Added height and larger tires seem to give Jeeps a better look and stance. Whatever reason you may have for lifting your Jeep, there are several ways to go about it.

First and foremost, before you invest in any sort of lift kit, you need to decide exactly what type of driving you are going to be using your Jeep for. You need to ask yourself whether your Jeep is going to be more for show or for actual off-road excursions. You will also need to determine how much of a lift you want your kit to give you.

What Sort of Lift do you Want?

After determining these factors you can decide what sort of lift you want and have it installed. There are several methods for lifting a Jeep. There are suspension lift kits, body lift kits, shackle lifts, coil spring spacers and spring-over-axle conversions.

jeep lift kits

Smaller increases in lift are found in coil spring spacers and Jeep shackle lifts. These lifts will only give you about two inches on your Jeep’s height. Coil spring spacers are just what they sound like. They are spacers that are inserted under the base of the coil spring which results in a lift. Shackle lifts are leaf spring shackles that are longer and will lift the frame up from the leafs of the vehicle. These kits are both relatively inexpensive and can be installed at home.

Spring-over-axle lift kits will allow you to change the location of the leaf spring from below the axle to on top of it and this will give you a lift of about four inches or more. This lift kit style does have some problems associated with it, however.

Body lift kits are installed by unbolting the body from the frame and then placing manufactured blocks between the Jeep’s body and rolling chassis. This does not directly increase the clearance of your undercarriage. If you are looking for the most lift, you will need to invest in a suspension lift kit. Many suspension lift kits will need to be installed by a professional.

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