Truck Rentals for Moving

Truck Rental for MovingThe “cheap” way to move anything is through Truck Rentals for Moving. This do it yourself approach is very popular with the budget conscious.

Having some minor experience with moving myself, I took the time to look at the various Truck Rentals for Moving that exist these days and then decided to see what people were saying about the most popular ones.

Moving Truck Rental Companies

Some of the major Moving Truck Rental companies are Ryder, Penske, U-Haul, Enterprise, and Budget. There are others out there, some serving local areas only, others offering nationwide service.

Is Local Better?

It’s been recommended by other authors to check with people who have used a local service to gauge how good customer service is at that location, or to use word of mouth buy talking to friends and family who have moved recently. While this can be a good step, one might find it impractical if no-one they know has needed Truck Rentals for Moving.

Do It Yourself

My first 4 moves I managed to get friends and family who had pickup trucks to help me and did not need a rental at all, for example, and one such move was from California to Colorado and back again. That said, my last move did use a moving company, and after that experience I really wish I’d used a Moving Truck Rental myself instead.

So, that established, Truck Rentals for Moving can be fairly pricey and you do need to load and unload them yourself. Even so, paying a few hundred dollars for a truck rental plus mileage sure beats paying four grand and getting all your stuff smashed in the process. At least of you smash it, you know why things are broken.

Moving Truck Rental Company Reviews

As mentioned, there are a few national companies which you should consider.  However, how do you know if one is better than the other, which one is right for you?

To help, I have checked out each of the services offered by the major national companies so you can get a simple and clear idea of which is best for your move.

Budget Trucks Rental

Budget Truck Rental for MovingOne reviewer gave an opinion about Budget Trucks for Moving Truck Rental and praised the ease of the reservation process. I checked the website and it does seem to be a very well laid out site, however, looking at the user reviews on the web, I must warn people about the seemingly horrible condition of the trucks and the weak customer service.

While the website is good for the do-it-yourself type, and offers just what is needed to make a reservation, what I have read time and time again was that even after two confirmation emails people were unable to get the reserved Budget Truck Rentals for Moving on the day they reserved for.

Those who did manage to get a truck often said it was a poorly maintained truck and that their stuff got wet or bounced around very badly in spite careful packing.

I do not know if certain areas have better maintained trucks or not, so the suggestion is that you go to the actual location and look at the trucks before you actually rent one.

U-Haul Moving Truck Rental

U-Haul Truck Rental for MovingU-Haul Moving Truck Rental is a household name, one that has a long standing reputation.

While their trucks may be older in some cases then other, newer, companies, U-Haul has a record of safety and decent customer service to make up for that.

Perhaps more important, you can find U-Haul locations to return the truck you rent just about anywhere. When I made my last move I rented a trailer from U-Haul and was able to find a location to return it to the company even though I moved to a tiny community.

If you are thinking about Truck Rentals for Moving to a location that is off the beaten path, then U-Haul is most likely to have a return area nearby.

Penske Truck Rentals for Moving

Penske Truck Rental for MovingThe most reliable and favorite company for Moving Truck Rental is Penske.

Now while they have a little more confusion in the reservation process online, the easy way around that is to simply call them. They have superior customer service marks, great pricing for longer distant moves, and generally high marks for the condition of their trucks.

Even with the marks against them for the website design, just about every Penske Truck Rentals for Moving location across the nation seems to have consistently high marks from renters who go so far as to state they would highly recommend this company to others.


There are plenty of options for moving house, you might decide to do it yourself as I have a few times, you might choose a local company to get you sorted, or you may decide to use one of the major national truck rental companies I have reviewed.  However, whatever option you choose, it is a good idea to consider drop off points and distance.

While there are many other options for Moving Truck Rental it is good to remember that some companies only do round trip rentals, which is fine for around town, but not so fine if you need to do a long distance move. Some major cities simply do not have Truck Rentals for Moving in easy to access locations, be it because of land prices, zoning laws, or other restrictions.

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